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REVEL 2 is a follow-up of REVEL which gained its popularity with a wide range of pilots – occasional pilots and XC pilots and even REVEL served as the first harness for fresh pilots.

The design team aimed to keep all the popular features and bring some new details and design advantage: REVEL 2 is therefore completely redesigned: new Four S – SKY SAFETY STRAP SYSTEM, new rescue container under the seat board, adjustment points for easy, comfortable or sporty adjustment of the harness, new materials and last but not least – the new eye catching design.

The main features are:

  1. Low weight – 4,7 kg in M size (complete harness – with back protector, main carbines, speed system, foot rest… )

  2. special 14 cm back protection

  3. ABS system

  4. Comfort and several adjustment points

  5. Rescue in the centre of gravity with a smart flap system


  7. Side pockets for easy reach of – let say – gloves or chocolate bars :-)

  8. Compact design

REVEL 2 is supplied in S, M and L size; please check the recommended size table. The comfort is crucial when choosing the size of the harness, it is highly recommended to give it a try before you buy.

The harness is delivered with:

  1. Harness itself

  2. 14 cm back protector

  3. Speed system and two hooks

  4. Foot rest

  5. Main carbines








The harness SKYWISH 2 in its second generation brings a series of improvements; introduces new technologies and uses new high tech. materials. The harness is still to be used mostly by those who would like to fly light but still, with a traditional concept of a harness with the protector and board in the seat, or, alternatively, by those who would like to fly light in their everyday flying and are ready to use light, simple, easy to pack concept that is getting very close to mountain flying concepts.

The second generation of SKYWISH 2 is also the right choice for those who would like to fly “freestyle” or just practise and master the ”art of ground handling” techniques.

The main features are:

  1. Low weight – only 2.9 kg at M size (back protector, main carbines, carbon board, reserve risers and speed system)

  2. Special shape and material used for the back protector with maximum absorbing ability that – even if thinner (10 cm) – absorbs the bumps easily and comfortably

  3. Distinctive design of the protection foam cover that, thanks to the smart system of chambers, controls the air flow and minimizes the possible impact

  4. ABS system and modified strap system with higher suspension points for higher stability

  5. Completely new design of the back part with reinforcements to maximize the comfort in the flight

  6. New strap system using the SKY SAFETY STRAP SYSTEM that brings major improvement in the comfort

  7. Reserve in the centre of gravity under the board

  8. Smart and optimized flap system of the reserve container that is easy to deploy and still ready to protect the reserve in case of failed take offs

  9. Light buckles for 25 mm straps

  10. Back pocket with easy to modify volume and inner pockets to accommodate all you need

  11. Side pockets to accommodate gloves for example

  12. Smart fixture of the speed system

SKYWISH 2 is supplied in S, M and L sizes; please check the recommended size table.

The harness is delivered with:

  1. Harness itself

  2. 10 cm back protector

  3. Speed system and two hooks

  4. Main carbines – 45 mm

  5. Carbon seat board

Sky Glider’s












CIMA K2 is the best glider for all those who just love flying light.

It is a modification of CIMA that is still favoured by pilots thanks to its stability that is so valued during the mountain flying.

CIMA K2 is even lighter; it is ultra light wing (only 3.5 kg in the M size with the traditional (13mm) risers) that still could be used for everyday flying as the unique mixture of materials and the way they are used ensures the maximal durability, low porosity value in the course of the time and minimal ageing of the wing. The panels are made of the ultra light SKYTEX 27 classic while the leading edge is provided with SKYTEX 40 deperlant to minimise the ageing of the wing.

CIMA K2 uses the same certification as CIMA – AFNOR Standard

The CIMA K2 is the multi-purpose glider suitable for every pilots needs. Despite its light weight and compact size the CIMA K2 is a glider without compromise.

The CIMA K2 has performance to rival any Standard class paraglider.

The CIMA K2 is perfectly suited for:

  1. Hike and climbing to out of the way launches.

  2. Light and compact enough to comfortably take anywhere – even skiing.

  3. Travelling – take your glider along as carry-on luggage!

  4. Vol Bivouac

  5. Pilots wanting a lighter, less bulky glider durable enough for normal every-day flying.

  6. Powered Paragliding (PPG risers avaialble w/ trim tabs)

Advantages of the CIMA K2:

  1. A mountain glider, but made from standard materials for „real glider“ durability.

  2. Hight tech lines and real risers – for durability and confidence.

  3. High safety level

  4. Extremely easy take-off even at difficult conditions

  5. Very nice and comfortable SKY handling

  6. A glider ratio of better than 8:1

  7. Best of all, world famous Sky Paragliders high quality.

CIMA K2 – the mountain glider without compromise.












The ATIS 3 is new high end EN B (LTF 1–2) category glider. The performance is suited for regular pilots who enjoy the speed (up to 52 km/h) and the glide ration (almost 9) and the sport spirit of the concept.

Even though the majority of manoeuvres is rated A (safety-wise), the performance of the glider is far beyond the safety level described by the certification manoeuvres. Occasional pilots and novice pilots might enjoy and benefit most from ANAKIS, which is listed as an entry EN B level glider.

ATIS 3 is also suitable for MPG and PG flying. Pilots will enjoy very easy take off, safety in fight and performance that is very surprising, taking into account the passive safety of the glider.

The main distinctive features are:

  1. High stability

  2. Speed and ability to penetrate in the headwind

  3. Low weight (4,9 kg in M size)

  4. Comfortable SKY handling

  5. Thermalling

  6. Predictable and easily controlled reactions during SIV manoeuvres (Simulation d’Incident en Vol)

  7. Performance index (glide/aspect ratio) at the level 1,69 (!)

  8. Trailing edge with velcro opening for easy cleaning of the canopy

  9. State of arts manufacturing and high quality

  10. free T-shirt SKY TEAM

These are just a few of the items we offer. We have many brands of Paragliding & Powered Paragliding equipment. If you are looking for something other than what we have listed on this site please contact us for pricing and information

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