Flat Top 200 w/ 51" prop, cage & quick release kevlar harness

(26 hp Simonini mini 2 plus engine)


Flat Top (U-Turn USA)
(US Manufacturer)  

Flat Top Ninja w/ quick release kevlar harness

The Flat Top Ninja is the greatest!! It is only 54 lbs but has crazy insane power that matches the climb rate of the EVO, SUPER and Rotron!!! The Ninja is 11 lbs lighter than the Flat Top SUPER, 14 lbs lighter than the Flat Top EVO and 35 lbs LIGHTER than our Parajet Rotron but with a similar climb rate!!!! The Flat Top Ninja with the new Vittorazi Moster engine is the biggest advancement in the history of paramotors since the Flat Top itself. The second we started testing this motor we immediately hushed all information on it until we could confirm it’s reliability because we instantly knew it would make all other paramotors obsolete. Not only has it passed our extreme reliability tests but it has set an all new benchmark for fiddle free flying without maintainence. We didn’t even tighten the belt on this unit until hour 31!!! These units will even come with our special tuning ready to go so you don’t even have to TUNE IT!! Just put gas in it and go fly!!!
Power to weight ratio is absolutely owned by the Flat Top Ninja and on top of that the new Vittorazi Moster engine is incredibly smooth with so little torque steer one can easily do full power climb outs in a straight line with no input on the controls. Quiet is also owned by the Ninja. Silent and deadly to all competitors makes the Ninja name tag fit to perfection. The only thing we didn’t find to exceed all other paramotors was the fuel economy where it only matched that of the Flat Top 200. The new 2011 Flat Top Ninja is without question the new standard all other paramotors will be judged by in the years to come.


NEW Flat Top 120 w/ 51” prop, cage & quick release kevlar harness!!

At 47 lbs with 130 lbs of thrust and boasting the lowest noise level on the market, even quieter than the all electric Flat Top; the new Radne 120 Aero makes for an incredible unit.  The lightweight and more moderate thrust makes it a great unit to learn on.  Also since all Flat Top power plants fit on the exact same frame you could start with a 120 and then when you are ready for crazy power or tandem flight you could just add a larger power plant without having to purchase a whole new unit.  Upgradeable!!! Once again brilliant innovation from the Flat Top crew.  Great price, great performance and as always unmatched Flat Top safety & durability.


Used Equipment - Email or call for availability and pricing

(We take trade-in’s and buy used motors so our inventory is constantly changing)

There are 304 reasons the Flat Top is the best Powered Paraglider unit on the market.  Here is just a quick list of some of them:

  1. Normal “Free-Flight” Paraglider hook-in points - see what happens when you use high hang points. Having certified height & width hang points is really important. What you see in this video has happened way to many times. I would recommend people get up to date equipment, especially if they are just now getting into the sport.

  1. All paragliders were meant to be flown with low hook-in point.  If you do not fly with low hook in points, you are susceptible to “Riser Twist” and generally unstable flying posture.  If anyone tries to sell you on “High Hook-In” ask them why paraglider manufacturers recommend,  for safety reasons, “low” hook-in points for all Paragliders.

  2. Kevlar cage line -
    The primary injury in our sport comes from prop strikes to upper body extremities. Our innovative, new netting system prevents hands and other body parts from getting through the netting and cage frame into the prop. It is so strong that you can turn the paramotor on its back and walk on the line without breaking or stretching it into the prop.

  3. The Flat Top packs up in a small box or the trunk of a car.

  4. Strongest unit on the market -
    The most common incident in our sport is falling down during launch. The fact is that you will trip and fall occasionally – the Flat Top is your best bet from keeping those expensive props in one piece and saving your cage parts. NO OTHER MANUFACTURER has what we have.

  5. Anti-torque/Comfort Bars -
    These bars are so essential in so many ways:

    1. 1.First, they allow the low hook-in point and stabilize you and your glider.

    2. 2.Second, they help to reduce the effects of torque steer.

    3. 3.Third, if you fall forward during your launch or landing, they protect you from impacting the ground with your face.

    4. 4.Fourth, the comfort bars can be adjusted in seconds to different weight pilots.

  6. Skids -
    You will land hard occasionally. Don’t you want something underneath your butt for protection? I do! That’s why I don’t enjoy flying a motor where you sit on the ground to hook in. With all that weight on your back and your butt hitting first…well…OUCH!  Also, if it is a little damp or muddy, you are sitting off of the ground in a Flat Top…AHHHH!

  7. Un-equaled thrust to weight -
    Our competition hates us in this category because we ALWAYS WIN…Every time! This is important, because you want a unit that gets you off of the ground quickly and efficiently. And, if you want to fly up to 18,000 feet, our unit is the only one that will get you there!

  8. Easy to get in seat -
    After launching, the Flat Top harness design scoops you up right where you need to be. Other brands require you to let go of your control toggles after your launch and literally pull yourself into the seat…very dangerous.

  9. Very comfortable to fly -
    The feeling of sitting in a super comfortable chair while flying. Enough said.

  10. Custom throttle handle -
    Most manufacturers scrimp on this by using a bicycle handle to hold your throttle cable.  The Flat Top custom injection-molded F-16 handle is the most comfortable, ergonomic and easy to operate throttle handle on the market.

  1. Unparalleled Engineering - Absolutely beautiful to look at!
    No paramotor on the planet has our engineering, attention to detail and manufacturing. I challenge you to look at our unit side-by-side with ANY other brand of paramotor.  You be the judge.